Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation event listing. Unless otherwise stated, the events take place in G.03, Informatics Forum.

Date Event Speaker(s) Chair/Host
Tuesday, 15th October @ 11am Seminar Flaviu Cipcigan (IBM Research UK) Michael Gutmann
Tuesday, 22nd October @ 11am Workshop Richard Shillcock  
Tuesday, 29th October @ 11am Seminar Available slot  
Tuesday, 5th November @ 11am Workshop Michael Camilleri, Emily Scher Amos Storkey
Tuesday, 12th November @ 11am Workshop Borislav Ikonomov, Cole Hurwitz Conor Durkan
Tuesday, 19th November @11am Workshop Yizhou Fan, Arno Onken Chris Williams
Tuesday, 10th December @ 11am Workshop Taha Ceritli Arno Onken
Tuesday, 17th December @ 11am Workshop Sam Rupprechter, Andew Wood Lazar Valkov
Tuesday, 14th January @ 11am Workshop William Berg Matthias Hennig
Tuesday, 21st January @ 11am Workshop  Sohan Seth, Cian Eastwood Michael Gutmann
Tuesday, 28th January @ 11am Seminar Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon Chris Williams
Tuesday, 4th February @ 11am Workshop James Ritchie, Richard Shillcock David Sterratt
Tuesday, 4th February @ 5pm Seminar Prof Renaud Jardri, University of Lille Peggy Series
Friday, 7th February @ 11am Seminar Vincent Adam and Alexis Boukouvalas ( Arno Onken
Monday, 17th February @ 11am Seminar Dr Cian O'Donnell, University of Bristol Arno Onken
Tuesday, 17th March @ 11am Workshop James Owers, Artur Bekasov - POSTPONED Magdalena Navarro
Tuesday, 24th March @ 11am Seminar Prof Sotirios Tsaftaris - POSTPONED Arno Onken
Tuesday, 31st March @ 11am Seminar Prof Mauricio Barahona - POSTPONED Arno Onken
Tuesday, 21st April @ 11am Online workshop Kai Xu Arno Onken
Tuesday, 28th April @ 11am  Online workshop Christos Maniatis Douglas Armstrong
Tuesday, 5th May @ 11am Online workshop Kashyap Chhatbar, Magdalena Navarro Artur Bekasov
Tuesday, 12th May @ 11am Online workshop Beren Millidge William Berg
Tuesday 26th May @ 11am Online workshop Chris Williams Oisin Mac Aodha