Academic technology approval scheme (ATAS)

Information on the ATAS certificate for non-EU students.

ATAS clearance

The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) is designed to limit the spread of knowledge and skills that could be used in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their means of delivery. Students who are not nationals of an EU/EEA country (including Switzerland) planning to undertake postgraduate study in Informatics will need to acquire an ATAS certificate before applying for a Visa, Entry Clearance (EC) or Extension of Stay (EoS).

Foreign and Commonwealth Office information about ATAS  

Applying for an ATAS certificate

Before applying for an ATAS certificate you will need an official document from the University of Edinburgh which contains the agreed research proposal and a JACS code. New entrants will be provided with this document automatically shortly after they receive an unconditional offer of admission; existing students may request a document from the Graduate School office. Once you have obtained your ATAS certificate you will be able to apply for your student Visa / EC / EoS in the normal way.

Graduate School Contact

Edinburgh Global ATAS advice

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Important notes

Possession of an ATAS certificate does not guarantee you a Visa / EC / EoS, but your application for a Visa will automatically be refused if you need an ATAS certificate but cannot provide one. When applying you must also provide evidence that you meet the usual student criteria. For more information on what you need to apply for a student Visa / EC go to:

An ATAS certificate is specific to both the programme of study that you intend to undertake and the University / Higher Education Institution. If you are in possession of a number of offers from different Universities / Institutions and have not decided which one you are going to accept you must apply for separate ATAS clearance certificates for each University / Institution and programme of study.