Exams & BoE

Exam deadlines, templates and Board of Examiners information.

Exam setting deadlines

ITO exam setting and marking deadlines for current and previous sessions.

Exam templates

Exam setting template files and information.

Exam machine user guide

Information on using an exam machine.

BoE timetable

The board of examiners meetings session for the current year.

BoE membership

Board of Examiners membership details.

Exam setting and marking policy - for UG1 and UG2 (login required)

Exam setting and marking policy (approved April 2018)- for UG3, UG4, MSc and VUG Exams (login required)

Handbook for Boards of Examiners for Taught Courses and Programmes (external link to Academic Services Boards of Examiners page)

- approved at Teaching Committee April 2017


Other teaching related committees (secured)