Information on 5th year assessment.

Overall degree classification

For MInf students, the overall classification is based on:
ug3average*0.2 + (ug4average + ug5average)*0.4.
Classification of this resulting average is interpreted as:
above or equal to 70% 1st class
60%- 69% 2.1 (upper second)
50% - 59% 2.2 (lower second)
40%-49% 3 (third)
<40% an Ordinary


Calculators not provided at Informatics exams

If the use of a calculator is permitted in an exam, it is your responsibility to bring your own calculator to the exam. 

Only a calculator from the approved list specified in Policy 4.1.3 of the College of Science and Engineering Policy and Procedure of the Use of Calculators in Examinations 2015-16 may be used in Informatics exams.


Please note: You are entirely responsible for the working order of your calculators and batteries.   You are warned that although electronic calculators have a high degree of reliability, you should check the correct entry of data and the credibility of results. The commonest form of malfunction is due to the run down of batteries. 

Invigilators will remove calculators not in the approved list; candidates may collect them at the end of the examination (Policy 4.3).

Other schools within the University may have different policies on providing calculators; please make sure you check this before any exams.  If in doubt, take an approved calculator with you to the exam, just in case.