AIAI Seminar - 11 April 2022 - Talk by Gideon Ogunniye

Talk by Gideon Ogunniye



Argumentation-based Dialogues for Privacy Policy Reasoning



By 2025, an individual is expected to o wn an average of 9 smart devices that share and integrate a wealth of personal user data. The management of privacy preferences across these devices is a complex task for which users are ill-equipped, which increases privacy risks. Recently, Helen Nissenbaum introduced the theory of contextual integrity to define context-relative norms for governing information flow. In this theory, privacy means appropriate flow of information. In our work, we developed a novel ontology to represent privacy contexts based on Nissenbaum’s Contextual Integrity framework. However, we note that an important step towards ensuring contextual integrity is to allow for communication between agents (human or artificial). For this, we consider an argumentation-based dialogue system where users (service providers and clients etc) are represented as software agents that can perceive, reason, and communicate privacy decisions with other agents.














Apr 11 2022 -

AIAI Seminar - 11 April 2022 - Talk by Gideon Ogunniye

AIAI Seminar talk hosted by Gideon Ogunniye