AIAI Seminar - 13 June 2022 - Talk by Paolo Pareti


Speaker:      Paolo Pareti



Using logic to formalise things, prove theorems and publish articles: the case of the SHACL data validation language for RDF graphs. 



In this talk I will share my experience in working with RDF graphs for health and safety monitoring, and how that somehow led me to a deep dive into the semantics of the SHACL language and its properties. This talk will touch upon novel problems at the intersection of data validation and inference rules (with applications in the IoT domain), the formalisation of a previously informal language, and how we studied relevant decision problems, using techniques such as reduction to the Domino Problem to prove undecidability.



I am a Lecturer at Winchester University, where I lead the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence undergraduate programmes. Previously I was a postdoc at Southampton University and before that I got my PhD from Edinburgh University (back in the days when AIAI was CISA). Apart from data graphs and logic, my research interests include the field of Natural Language Processing, where I have been working with corpora of instructions and recipes. You can find more information about me on my website:


















Jun 13 2022 -

AIAI Seminar - 13 June 2022 - Talk by Paolo Pareti

AIAI Seminar hosted by Paolo Pareti