AIAI Seminar - 24 October 2022 - Talk by Annette ten Teije


Speaker:      Annette ten Teije



Design patterns for Hybrid Learning and Reasoning systems with illustrations from medical AI



Recent years have seen a strong increase in systems that combine data-driven machine learning with knowledge-driven reasoning. We have proposed a set of  compositional design patterns to describe a large variety of systems that combine statistical techniques from machine learning with symbolic techniques from knowledge representation. These design patterns  help to understand the rapidly growing literature on such neuro-symbolic systems. They can also be used as guidelines for the design of such systems. In this talk I will introduce a notation for these design patterns, and I will illustrate these patterns with neuro-symbolic systems in the medical domain.


Speaker bio:

Annette ten Teije is professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her interests are in knowledge modelling, representation and reasoning in particular in the medical domain, and more recently in the combination of these systems with data drive methods. She was program co-chair for the International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, and was the general chair of the conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. She is current the chair of the International Association for AI in Medicine, and serves on the editorial boards of AI in Medicine and the Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 

















Oct 24 2022 -

AIAI Seminar - 24 October 2022 - Talk by Annette ten Teije

Note unusual time. AIAI Seminar hosted by Annette ten Teije

Room: G.03 (Informatics Forum)