AIAI Seminar - 29 June 2022 - Talk by Dr Paola Grosso


Speaker: Dr. Paola Grosso -

Dr. Paola Grosso is an Associate  Professor at the University of   Amsterdam where she leads the Multiscale Networked Systems research group ( Her  work  focuses  on  the creation  of  sustainable and secure e-infrastructures, relying  on  the provisioning  and  design of programmable networks. She has an extensive list of publications on the topic and contributes to several national and international projects in the area of the Future Internet (


The responsible Internet


Can we trust the Internet? In this talk I will present our research initiatives aimed to create the 'responsible Internet' [1], a network that provides to its users increases transparency and control on its operation. These emerging efforts all contribute to increase the trust of users in the Internet and provide the foundation for trusted data sharing platforms. I will provide an overview of our efforts and results[2][3], focusing in particular on the protocols and techniques that allow for control of network traffic across domains [4].



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[4] Shakeri, Sara, Lourens Veen, and Paola Grosso. "Multi-domain network infrastructure based on P4 programmable devices for Digital Data Marketplaces." Cluster Computing (2022): 1-14.  












Jun 29 2022 -

AIAI Seminar - 29 June 2022 - Talk by Dr Paola Grosso

AIAI Seminar hosted by Dr Paola Grosso

Please note the unusual time. Online.