AIAI Seminar - 6 June 2022 - Talk by Alan Bundy


Speaker:   Andy Bundy



Combining Deductive and Statistical Explanations in the FRANK Query Answering System


We highlight some recent developments of the FRANK query answering system. FRANK is a hybrid system, i.e., it combines deductive, statistical and arithmetic reasoning.  Our talk will focus on the automation of FRANK's choice of both the diverse Web sources from which it draws its knowledge and the reasoning methods it uses to combine this diverse knowledge to infer new conclusions. These developments have also improved FRANK's explanations of both its object-level inference processes and the meta-level engineering choices it makes to construct this inference process. We call this whole system reasoning; that is, as well as explaining its inference process,  FRANK explains why it chose the knowledge sources it uses and why it chose the reasoning methods it applied to them.

This seminar is based on a keynote talk at the IEEE International Conference on Big Knowledge 2021.


















Jun 06 2022 -

AIAI Seminar - 6 June 2022 - Talk by Alan Bundy

AIAI Seminar hosted by Alan Bundy