Associate members

Associate members of AIAI

Name Research interests
Stefano Albrecht Goal-directed sequential decision making by autonomous systems in complex dynamic environments. Reasoning about the beliefs, intentions, and behaviours of other decision makers. Innovative applications in areas such as cyber security and self-driving vehicles.
David Aspinall Computer security (particularly proof-carrying code), type systems for specification and programming languages, and proof development environments
Julian Bradfield Modal and temporal logics, model-checking, concurrency, independence logics, descriptive complexity and set theory, UML and modelling languages
James Cheney Programming languages, logic, verification, scientific data management, provenance
Michael Fourman Formal models of digital systems, system-design tools, proof assistants, categorical semantics, propositional planning
Chris Lucas Inductive learning and generalization, cognitive development, Bayesian models of causal inference
Paul Jackson Formal verification of hardware, software and cyber-physical systems. Formalised mathematics. Automation of formal reasoning.
Sohan Seth Statistical Model Criticism, Archetypal Analysis, Kernel Methods, Information Retrieval, Image Processing, Computational Biology
Henry Thompson Markup languages (XML, SGML) and architectures (Standoff markup, Schema languages, pipelines); Web Architecture; Philosophy of the Web
Bonnie Webber Question answering, bioinformatics, discourse, Natural Language semantics, knowledge representation and inference