AIAI Research groups

Research groups within AIAI

 Artificial Intelligence Modelling Lab

The Artificial Intelligence Modelling Lab (AIML) engages in theoretical and applied research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), spanning areas such as interactive theorem proving, formal verification, process modelling, and machine learning applied to healthcare and other complex domains.


Belle Lab

The Lab carries out research in artificial intelligence, by blending ideas from machine learning, knowledge representation, automated planning and multi-agent systems.


Data-Intensive Research Group

Multidisciplinary teams need sustained frameworks encouraging collaboration to address today’s challenges. We engage with application communities to build platforms for their long-running campaigns, exploiting our architectures and data-streaming systems that bridge from conceptualised methods to data and computation to deliver optimisation, stability and innovation. 


Human-Computer Learning Group

Research the design of collaborative, adaptive AI systems for reasoning about the human in the loop.


Mathematical Reasoning Group

The processes studied by the MRG have included theorem proving via proof methods, proof patching, analogy, symmetry, abstraction, diagrams and reflection; the learning of new proof methods, the formalisation of informally stated problems, the formation of concepts and conjectures and the interaction of automated systems with human users.