Research staff

A list of all the research staff within ANC.


Antreas Antoniou
Antreas Antoniou Antreas' broader research topic is the design and/or learning of learning priors for deep neural networks, such that systems that are robust to transfer across data domains, tasks and modalities is possible.
  Anirban Chakraborty

Anirban's research areas are Information Retrieval, Contextual Recommendation, Machine Learning. You can find more information about his research activities at Anirban Chakraborty ( 

  Robbie Court  
Dongge Han
Dongge Han

Dongge’s research interest is exploring the integration of large language models and reinforcement learning for robotic applications. Her background is in multiagent systems and reinforcement learning. 

Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones Hannah explores how collaborative research theory and methodologies work within an academic context. Her background is in industrial design, graduating with an Intel Scholarship, with a focus on design methodologies that address unmet user needs.
Nina Kudryashova
Nina Kudryashova Nina's research interests are: latent dynamics in neural populations; information theory; computation through dynamics.
  Iris Kyranou  
Eric Ma
Chenfei Ma

Chenfei's primary research interest is the deep learning and machine learning method applied in human-machine interfaces. Recently, he is working on neural network nonlinear feature reduction and visualization, which might aid in understanding deep learning methods and decoding human movements.

  Saber Mirzaee Bafti  
  Kieran Richards  
Oksana Sorokina
Oksana Sorokina

Oksana's research interests are: systems biology analysis of molecular signalling; network analysis of synaptic proteome; development of new informatics tools and databases to support neuroscience research.

Lynda Webb
Lynda Webb Lynda's areas of interest are: Digital health, care and rehabilitation; Living lab, co-creation and co-design research methods. Energy demand.