CDT funding

Information about stipend, RTSG budget and other allowances provided by the CDT.

Sections linked below provide information on what IS covered by your CDT funding. Please note that the following are NOT covered due to restrictions set forth by UKRI:

  • Stipend, fees, travel or any other programme-related expenses beyond the 4 years of your study programme (adjusted for any interruptions).
  • Matriculation fee payable if you continue on the programme into the writing-up period of your PhD (£170 in 2021/22)
  • Continuation fee payable if you exceed your maximum PhD duration and obtain an extension on your study period

Please bear these restrictions in mind and plan your personal budgets accordingly.

Stipends and other Allowances

Information about your stipend payments, sick leave pay, disabled students allowance and other financial matters.

Student Budgets

This section provides an overview of your individual budget, including important restrictions on its use.