Students from previous cohorts of the programme

Carl Allen - 2016 intake

 Carl Allen - Cohort 2016

PhD Thesis Title:  Towards a Theoretical Understanding of Word and Relation Representation

Antreas Antoniou - 2016 intake

Antreas Antoniou - Cohort 2016

PhD Thesis Title:  Meta Learning for Supervised and Unsupervised Few-Shot Learning

Ivana Balazevic

Ivana Balazevic - Cohort 2016  

PhD Thesis Title:  Learning Representations of Entities and Relations

Artur Bekasovs - 2016 intake

Artur Bekasovs - Cohort 2016 

PhD Thesis Title:  Accurate and reliable probabilistic modelling with high-dimensional data
Emmanuel Bernieri - 2017 intake

Emmanuel Bernieri - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Bayesian Density Regression with Functional Covariates - Modelling and Visualisation

Michael P. J. Camilleri - 2017 intake

Michael P. J. Camilleri - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Automated Identification and Behaviour Classification for Modelling Social Dynamics in Group-Housed Mice

Juan Casanova - 2016 intake

Juan Casanova - Cohort 2016  

PhD Thesis Title:  Meta-ontology fault detection

Luke Darlow - 2017 intake

Luke Darlow - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:   Learning reliable representations when proxy objectives fail

Ryan Davies - 2015 intake

Ryan Davies - Cohort 2015

 MSc(R) Dissertation Title:  Machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing, particularly for information extraction

Conor Durkan - 2016 intake

Conor Durkan - Cohort 2016

 PhD Thesis Title:   Neural Distribution Estimation as a Two-Part Problem 

Simão Eduardo - 2015 intake

Simao Eduardo - Cohort 2015

PhD Thesis Title:  Data Cleaning with Variational Autoencoders

Harrison Edwards - 2014 intake

Harrison Edwards- Cohort 2014

MSc(R) Dissertation Title:  Representation learning using deep neural networks



Sona Galovicova

Sona Galovicova - Cohort 2015

MSc(R) Dissertation Title: Analysis of techniques for coarse-to-fine decoding in neural machine translation
Sorcha Gilroy

Sorcha Gilroy - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title:  Probalistic graph formalisms for meaning representations 

Maria Gorinova - 2016 intake

Maria Gorinova - Cohort 2016

PhD Thesis Title:  Program Analysis of Probabilistic Programs

Zack Hodari - 2016 intake

Zack Hodari - Cohort 2016

PhD Thesis Title:  Synthesising prosody with insufficient context

Borislav Ikonomov

Borislav Ikonomov - Cohort 2014

MPhil Dissertation Title:   Robust Optimisation Monte-CarlocARL
Miguel Jaques - 2017 intake

Miguel Jaques - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Visual System Identification: Learning Physical Parameters and Latent Spaces from Pixels

Andreas Kapourani

Andreas Kapourani - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title:  Spatial Statistical Modelling of Epigenomic Variability
Rafael-Michael Karampatsis - 2014 intake

Rafael-Michael Karampatsis - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title:  Scalable Deep Learning for Bug Detection

Steven Kleinegesse - 2017 intake

Steven Kleinegesse  - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Bayesian Experimental Design for Implicit Models using Mutual Information  
Jonathan Mallinson - 2015 intake

Jonathan Mallinson - Cohort 2015

PhD Thesis Title:  Universal Rewriting via Machine Translation

Christos Maniatis - intake 2017

Christos Maniatis - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Probabilistic Modelling of Single Cell Multi-Omics Data


Josef Mokry

Jozef Mokry - Cohort 2015

MSc(R) Dissertation Title: Pipeline-tolerant Decoder

Charlie Nash

Charlie Nash - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title: Unsupervised learning with neural latent variable models 
Silviu Oprea - 2017 intake

Silviu Oprea - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Computational Sarcasm Detection and Understanding in Online Communication

James Owers - 2015 intake

James Owers - Cohort 2015

MSc(R) Dissertation Title:  Deep learning with application to harmonic instruments and music
George Papamakarios

George Papamakarios - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title:  Neural density estimation and likelihood-free inference
Theo Pavlakou

Theo Pavlakou - Cohort 2014

MSc(R) Dissertation Title:  Developing Tractable Density Estimation Models

Eleanor Platt - 2018 intake

Eleanor Platt - Cohort 2018

Msc(R) Dissertation Title:  Explainable Deep Learning for Brain CT Images

Matt Pugh

Matt Pugh - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title: Hotscotch: Exploiting Workload Characteristics to Improve Read-Throughput
Ben Rhodes - 2017 intake

Ben Rhodes - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Advances in scalable learning and sampling of unnormalised models

Alexander Robertson - 2016 intake

Alexander Robertson - Cohort 2016 

PhD Thesis Title:  Expression and perception of identity through skin-toned emoji

Benedek Rózemberczki - 2016 intake

Benedek Rózemberczki - Cohort 2016 

PhD Thesis Title:  Graph Mining on Static, Multiplex and Attributed Networks

Denitsa Saynova

Denitsa Saynova - Cohort 2014

MSc(R) Dissertation Title:  Machine learning and inferring cosmological parameters



Pippa Shoemark

Philippa Shoemark - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title:  Discovering and analysing lexical variation in social media text 
Mica Teo - 2018 intake

Mica Teo - Cohort 2018

PhD Thesis Title:  Bayesian scalar-on-image regression via random image partition models:  Automatic identification of regions of interest

Etienne Toussaint - 2017 intake

Etienne Toussaint - Cohort 2017  

 PhD Thesis Title:   Toward relevant answers to queries on incomplete databases

Clara Vania

Clara Vania - Cohort 2014

PhD Thesis Title:  On Understanding Character-level Models for Representing Morphology

Yanghao Wang - 2016 intake

Yanghao Wang - Cohort 2016

PhD Thesis Title:  On the Volume and Veracity of Big and Shared Data

Jennifer Williams - 2017 intake

Jennifer Williams - Cohort 2017

PhD Thesis Title:  Learning Disentangled Speech Representations