CDT NLP Student Cohorts

Meet the Doctoral Researchers

Cohort 2022

Doctoral Researchers on the CDT in NLP programme which first started in September 2019.

Cohort 2019

CDT in NLP  Cohort 19
Meet the CDT NLP's first cohort of Doctoral Researchers

Cohort 2020

Photo of CDT NLP students from Cohort 20
Meet the CDT NLP's second cohort of Doctoral Researchers

Cohort 2021

Meet the CDT NLP's third cohort of Doctoral Researchers

Cohort 2022

Meet the CDT NLP's fourth cohort of Doctoral Researchers
CDT NLP Student Reps: A/Y 23-24:

Cohort 2020: Siqi Sun (S1); Zheng Zhao (S2)

Cohort 2021: Nick Ferguson; Coleman Haley

Cohort 2022: Nickil Maveli; Argyrios Papoudakis

Cohort 2023: Artemis Deligianni; Ariadna Sanchez

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