Compute and laboratory

Contemporary research in NLP uses complex machine learning models such as neural networks and thus requires considerable computing resources. 

CDT students will have access to a large GPU (graphics processing unit) cluster and to a terabyte storage array, both dedicated for NLP research. Furthermore, they will have access to the Edinburgh Compute and Data Facility (ECDF), a central University resource that maintains a cluster of over 4,000 compute cores and a large high performance storage facility.  A number of our industry partners provide in-kind support to the CDT in the form of compute credits, GPU hardware, and access to proprietary datasets.

Some of the PhD projects conducted under the auspices of the CDT involve lab-based experiments that investigate human language and speech processing.  Students have access to our state of the art experimental facility comprising sound studios, an anechoic chamber, an eye-tracking lab with three high resolution trackers, and a suite of experimental booths for perception experiments.  The Bayes Centre also includes a dedicated virtual/augmented reality lab combined with motion capture and eye-tracking.


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