D2D: Mapping Buildings at Continental Scale From Satellite Imagery

Abstract of the talk

Many of the world's buildings are unmapped and are not included in census data. Missing data about human settlements is a problem for example in disaster response or delivering basic services such as electricity or vaccination. This talk will go through methods for identifying buildings in high-resolution satellite imagery, including challenging settings such as informal urban settlements, and how these were applied to create the Open Buildings dataset, containing the geometry of 817M buildings across Africa and South/Southeast Asia.

About the speaker

John Quinn is a Senior Research Software Engineer at Google Research in Ghana and Research Director of Sunbird AI in Uganda. He was previously technical lead for Africa projects at United Nations Global Pulse, and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Makerere University in Uganda. He has worked on a number of large scale AI projects across the African continent, in the fields of remote sensing, speech and language, agriculture and health. He holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge (2000), and a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Edinburgh (2007).


This seminar will be conducted virtually on Microsoft Teams. Sign up on the given link to get access to the talk.

Oct 27 2022 -

D2D: Mapping Buildings at Continental Scale From Satellite Imagery

Join us for our second seminar of this semester with Dr. John Quinn, who will talk about identifying buildings from hi-res satellite imagery, and how the Open Buildings dataset was created.