Explore the research that ELIAI team members are conducting.

Causal Knowledge Graphs for Counterfactual Claims Reasoning

Project image Ross/Belle
AI approaches to misinformation detection.

Multimodal Interpretability from Partial Sight

Sid N project image
We seek to build DGMs that capture the joint distribution over co-observed visual and language data.

Asking Your Self-Driving Car to Explain its Decisions

Albrecht project image
Trusting an autonomous vehicle to make the right decisions.

Grounding Actions and Action Modifiers in Instructional Videos

Keller project image
Grounding is the process of associating a word or a phrase with the perceptual entity it refers to

Gradient-based Learning of Complex Latent Structures

Minervini project pic
Imposing structural constraints on the latent representations learned by deep neural models

Verified Neural Network Training for Safe Human-Robot Interaction

ELIAI Fleuriot Project Pic
Robotic movement in the home and other human-centred environments requires safe, constrained behaviour.

Multimodal Integration for Sample-Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning

Project pic Amos Storkey PI
Leveraging multimodal learning to improve the transferability and sample efficiency of Reinforcement Learning (RL)