ICSA Colloquium Talk

Title: DNS and Blockchain: Friends or Foes?


Abstract:   This talk will give an overview of the fundamentals of blockchain technology and discuss whether an alternate DNS could be built using this technology.  Blockchain technology enables decentralised record systems (registries) relying on security through cryptography,  consensus and incentive protocols. This technology appeals to a growing number of developers that build decentralised applications over blockchains. DNS is no exception, and there are a number of blockchain-based naming systems that cater to different user needs, ranging from a censorship-free Internet to user-friendly names for blockchain addresses. The talk presents different drivers for mass adoption for DNS-over-blockchain, as well as DNS-Blockchain integrations, emphasising while the blockchain technology may seem too immature, it is too significant to ignore.


Bio: Cigdem Sengul is a Senior Researcher at Nominet, leading the research on future Internet technologies including blockchain, identity management systems, data protection and privacy.  Her main expertise is on network protocols, spanning a wide range of areas in wireless networks. Before joining Nominet, Cigdem has worked and led projects in various R&D groups in the USA and Europe. She was a Senior Lecturer and Research Lead at Oxford Brookes University, between 2012-2015. Between 2008-2012, she was a senior researcher at Telekom Innovation Labs/ TUB (Technische Universitaet Berlin) where she co-led the Berlin Open Wireless Lab team to build a WiFi mesh network for the TUB campus. Her research on energy efficiency and interference in WiFi networks has been presented and demonstrated in more than 50 journal and conferences. Cigdem is a passionate advocate of increasing diversity awareness in computing. She is the chair of Communications and Outreach in ACM-WE. She collaborates with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation to support their mission of teaching coding to school children. She is the co-author of the Networking with the Micro: bit book.

Apr 02 2019 -

ICSA Colloquium Talk

Dr Cigdem Sengul (Nominet)

G.03, Informatics Forum