ICSA Distinguished Seminar - 12/03/2018

Title:  Ideas for a European Chiplet Microprocessor

Abstract:  Barcelona Supercomputing Center is working on a RISC-V vector accelerator as part of the European Processor Initiative project.  This talk is about my individual research for a potential future European microprocessor that incorporates vector acceleration for HPC and AI applications.  I will talk about advantages of chiplet architecture and discuss/solicit feedback for the proposed memory programming model which can accommodate aggressive computation acceleration.

Bio:  Peter Hsu received Ph.D. from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He started at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center on the 801 Project.  He joined SGI in 1990 as architect of MIPS R8000 TFP microprocessor, shipping 1994 in fifty TOP500 supercomputers.   Peter co-founded ArtX 1997, developer of Nintendo GameCube.  ArtX acquired by ATI Technology in 2000.  After attending art school and learning to paint, Peter joined Oracle Labs 2011 as Architect on the RAPID project and built a 50K-thread parallel SQL database accelerator.  He is currently Consulting Computer Architect at Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Spain.

Mar 12 2019 -

ICSA Distinguished Seminar - 12/03/2018

Peter Hsu (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)

4.31/33, IF