ICSA Faculty Talk - 09/12/2021

Title: Upcycling Packets as Persistent In-Memory Data Structures

Abstract: Networked storage applications cannot fully benefit from fast persistent memory (PM), because of data management overheads incurred to implement storage properties, such as integrity, consistency, search efficiency and flexibility. To address this problem, we explore a new approach that turns networking overheads into assets, repurposing the transport protocol and network stack features, some of which can be offloaded to the NIC hardware, for implementing the storage properties particularly for the PM devices.  

Bio: Michio is a computer scientist in networking and operating systems. He has been a Lecturer in Networked Systems (equivalent to Assistant Professor in US) at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh since 2020. Earlier in his career, he was at NEC Labs Europe (2012-2014 & 2016-2019) and NetApp (2014-2016).

Dec 09 2021 -

ICSA Faculty Talk - 09/12/2021

Michio Honda

G.03, IF or via Zoom