7th February 2020 - Raffaella Folgieri: Seminar

Title:  Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies: where and why they matter



Artificial Intelligence is, currently, one of the most investigated field in all the disciplines, due to its impact of human-being advancement.

Artificial Intelligence is not only about machine learning and methods but embraces a broad set of possible research directions, including the use of the so-called “Cognitive Technologies” helping to achieve a macro-view of the Big Picture.

In this context, we need to adopt a multi-disciplinary point of view and understand where we are going and why the study of the human brain and its cognitive functions is important. Although, we also need to understand where we can apply the research outcomes.



Raffaella Folgieri. Ph.D. in Computer Science, is an Assistant Professor and Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Milan, where she also teaches Virtual Reality.

Member of Italian Society of Engineering, of SIREN (Italian Neural Networks Society), of HiPEAC (European network of world-class computing systems researchers, industry representatives, and students), and board member of GWMH (Global Wo.Men Hub), she has published her research in journal articles (main fields of interests: AI and Machine Learning; Brain-Computer Interaction; Virtual Reality; Bioinformatics; Quality assessment in complex software development; e-learning). Her work explores AI methods and cognitive technology from a multi-disciplinary point of view to have a macro-view of the “Big Picture", to properly integrate new artificial intelligent machines in humankind daily life.

She is responsible for the research group b(e)side, focused on interpersonal, machine-machine, and brain-machine communication mediated by technology. The aim is to face the challenge of a new co-evolutionary man-machine model starting from the study of the brain.




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Feb 07 2020 -

7th February 2020 - Raffaella Folgieri: Seminar

ILCC seminar by Raffaella Folgieri

G.03, Informatics Forum