CDT Pizza

Information about the CDT Pizza event.

Pizza party

Day and time

Every second Friday at 5pm


4.40 (MF2) Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street

How to attend

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About the event

The event typically involves a talk by a Junior speaker (PhD student) and a talk by a Senior speaker (Postdoc+). The topics can range from any particular interest of the speaker to new advances in a research field; check out some talks from previous sessions via the link below. There are alcoholic beverages and soft drinks provided during the talks and pizza for everyone afterwards. The event is usually attended by 40-50 people. 

2018/19 CDT Pizza Club events

CDT Pizza is currently being organised by Sigrid Passano Hellan, Wen Kokke, Aidan Marnane and Kate McCurdy.