Research in a Nutshell

Take a look at Research in a Nutshell videos of several PPar students filmed at the Industrial Engagement Event in April 2018

Floyd Chitalu - Pairwise Collision detection using GPUs for Near-rigid Deformable Objects  

Aleksandr Maramzin - Software Metrics for Parallelism

 Daniel Mills - Early Stage Quantum Computers

Naums Mogers - Optimisation of Neural Computations Using a Functional Data-Parallel Language

Rodrigo Rocha - Scalable Cross-module Optimisations for Performance and Code Size

 Rajkarn Singh - Privacy Preserving Mobile Network Data Analytics for 5G

Larisa Stoltzfus - LIFTing the Abstraction Layer for 3D Wave Models

 Vanya Yaneva - Compiler-Assisted Test Acceleration Using GPUs