Changing programme

Information on changing your programme of study.

For various reasons you may wish to change your programme of study, or change your mode of study (e.g. full time to part time).  In the first instance this should always be discussed with your Principal Supervisor.  If you and your supervisor are in agreement that a change of programme is necessary then a Change of Programme request form would need to be completed.

Things to note

  • Please note that if you are a CDT student, the grant holder for the CDT must be consulted before a programme change request can be approved. 
  • Changing your Programme of Study and/or method of study may have implications for your fee liability, loans and student finance. In particular, if you are in receipt of funding then you will be asked to confirm that you have sought advice on this when completing the request form.
  • If you are on a student visa, you must seek guidance from the University Student Immigration team about any impact the change would have to your visa. Again, you will be asked to confirm that you have done so when completing the form.


Useful links

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