Nomination of examiners

The nomination of examiners process.

Students are required to submit their Notice of Intention to submit documents to the Informatics Graduate School two months before they submit their thesis or dissertation.  When IGS receives the forms they will forward them to the College Office.  The College Office will then email IGS to ask them to begin the Nomination of Examiners process.  IGS will send an email to the student's Principal Supervisor asking them to complete a Nomination of Examiners form. This form can be found below:

Nomination of Examiners form 

When you have returned the nomination of examiners form to IGS, the form is sent to the Deputy Director of IGS for approval before being sent to the College Office.   The nomination process can take a month or two, this is why students are requested to submit the forms about two months before submitting their thesis or dissertation. This way, when a student submits their thesis or dissertation, the nomination of examiners process has hopefully been completed and their thesis/dissertation can be sent out for examination within five working days of submission.