ITO roles and responsibilities

This page explains the roles and responsibilities within the Informatics Teaching Organisation, with links to other Informatics Student Services.


The Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO)  is part of the School's Student Services team with responsibility for on-course administration for all taught courses, programmes and students within the School. 

  • Creation of course selection forms for all UG programmes and course enrolment via the bulk upload service
  • Course set up in EUCLID Assessment and Progression Tool (APT)
  • Updating extension rules for each course assessment in EUCLID APT
  • Set up and ongoing administration of course work submission
  • Course Enhancement Questionnaire administration
  • Exam administration including the setting and vetting process, photocopying of papers, delivery and collection from the exam hall, scanning scripts into Gradescope for marking
  • External Examiner liaison throughout the academic year
  • Mark upload, calculation, checking and reporting for Course Boards of Examiners
  • Special Circumstances Committee administration and actions
  • Calculation of progression and award outcomes and reporting for Progression/Award Boards of Examiners
  • Publication of Course, Progression and Award results to students via EUCLID
  • Prize administration
  • School Coordinator of Adjustments
  • Committee servicing, including weekly Student Rep meetings and Staff Student Liaison meetings
  • University Regulations expert
  • Academic appeals and Stage 1 complaints


Name Role Contact details
Gillian Bell Teaching Organisation Manager and Deputy Head of Student Services
Toni Noble Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager
Kendal Reid ITO Senior Secretary (UG1 courses, part-time)
Kerry Fernie ITO Administrator (UG2 courses and Non-hons progression)
Rose Hynd ITO Administrator (UG3 courses and progression/award)
Yesica Marco Azorin ITO Administrator (UG4/5 courses and progression/award)
Lindsay Seal ITO Administrator (PGT courses and progression/award)

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