ITO roles and responsibilities

This page explains what the roles and responsibilities within the Informatics Teaching Organisation are


The Teaching Organisation is part of the School's Student Services team.

Name Role Contact details
Prof. Bjorn Franke Director of Teaching
Gillian Bell Teaching Organisation Manager
Toni Noble Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager
Vicky MacTaggart Studentships & Teaching Support Manager
Alexandra Welsh Teaching Support Administrator
Lewis Brown Informatics Student Services Administrator
Sophie Mills

Student Experience Manager
Suzanne Newall Student Adviser
Beth Hughes Student Adviser
Marjorie Brewer Student Adviser
Jose Garcia Student Adviser
Chloe Downing Student Adviser
Veronica Silvestre Student Engagement Officer
Doug McCorquodale Student Engagement Officer
Kendal Reid ITO Senior Secretary (UG1)
Kerry Fernie ITO Senior Secretary (UG2)
Ray Finlayson ITO Senior Secretary (PGT)
Michelle Bain ITO Administrator (UG3)
Helen Tweedale ITO Administrator (UG4/5)
Lindsay Seal ITO Administrator (PGT)

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