Information for external students

Information for students who are not on an Informatics degree programme but are taking an Informatics course as part of their studies.

Taking a course as "Class Only"

By default Informatics course materials are available without needing to be enrolled on the course.  If you want to sample a course at the start of semester we request that you  access the course materials and attend lectures in person rather than enrolling as "Class Only".

List of all Informatics courses including DRPS links and details

Informatics Open Course Materials

Access to Informatics space in Appleton Tower

In the first few weeks of Semesters 1 and 2 we'll update student cards for those enrolled on Informatics courses so that they have access to Informatics space in Appleton Tower Levels 3-7. If you are having issues accessing Informatics space, please see us in Appleton Tower room 6.05 during office hours and we can check and update your card permissions.

Student Support opening hours

Informatics computing facilities

In addition to the University computing facilities, the School of Informatics has its own Linux-based system called DICE.  For information about eligibility for a DICE account, our Computing Support Team will able to help.

Request a DICE account

Technical and Computing Support information

Course assessment

For information on how the School of Informatics implements University Regulations and Policies, please see the handbook pages below:

Coursework, exams and feedback

Late coursework and extension requests

Special Circumstances