2016 Events

A listing of previous events.

8 Dec - Bingsheng Zhang - Publicly Verifiable MPC & Its Applications

This talk will cover recent break-through in practical publicly verifiable MPC and its applications in several security sensitive domains. NB: Cryptographic background is not necessary to follow this talk.

18 Nov - Zachary N. J. Peterson - Can Games Fix What’s Wrong with Computer Security Education?

Zachary Peterson is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. His technical background is in applied cryptography, particularly as applied to storage systems. He also has a passion for creating new ways of engaging students of all ages in computer security, especially through the use of games and play.

10 Nov 2016 - Sasa Radomirovic - Human Errors in Security Protocols

Many security protocols involve humans, not machines, as endpoints. The differences are critical: humans are not only computationally weaker than machines, they are naive, careless, and gullible.

24 Nov - Siamak F. Shahandashti - Verifiable e-Voting without Tallying Authorities

Motivated by minimizing trust assumptions for verifiable e-voting and simplifying implementations of these systems in practice, I will revisit the necessity of this trust assumption and introduce two polling-station e-voting systems that do not require such tallying authorities.

2 Nov 2016 - Serge Egelman - Improving Privacy on Mobile Platforms

Dr. Serge Egelman will discuss previous and ongoing research to help users make more informed choices about how their personal data is accessed on mobile devices.

27 Oct - Reading Group Meeting

Rajkarn Singh will be presenting a paper entitled "An Adaptive Mechanism for Accurate Query Answering under Differential Privacy"

Talk: Usable Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT

Practice talk for a workshop hosted by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) given by Dr Kami Vaniea.

30 Jun 2016 - Adria Gasgon

Privacy-preserving linear regression