Academic staff working in Security, Privacy and Trust

Member Interests
Dr Sam Ainsworth Architecture, Compilers, Microarchitectural Side Channels, Programming Language Security
Prof Ross Anderson

Security engineering, security economics, side channels, adversarial machine learning, security sustainability, protocols, payments, technology policy, cybercrime.

Dr Myrto Arapinis Verification of cryptographic protocols, verification of security properties, detection of attacks, formal models, and protocol composition.
Prof David Aspinall Software security, user authentication, theorem proving, programming and specification languages.
Dr Michele Ciampi Cryptography with emphasis on zero-knowledge protocol, secure multi-party computation, blockchain technology and non-malleable cryptographic protocol.
Dr James Cheney Programming languages, databases, logic/verification.  Applications to provenance, scientific data management, and security.
Dr Liam O'Connor Formal Specification and Verification, Programming Languages, Concurrency, Theorem Proving, Algorithmic Verification, Trustworthy Software Engineering
Dr Tariq Elahi Anonymous communications, censorship resistance, and the internet of things.
Prof Andrew D. Gordon Programming languages and their semantics and logics, with application to security and privacy, machine learning, concurrency, and databases.
Prof Elham Kashefi Quantum cryptography.
Prof Aggelos Kiayias Broad perspective on cryptography and Cyber Security with emphasis on blockchain systems, e-voting protocols, digital content distribution, privacy and identity management.
Dr Nadin Kokciyan Multi-agent systems, computational argumentation, and privacy in social software.
Dr Markulf Kohlweiss

Verification of cryptographic implementations, cryptographic currencies and zero-knowledge proof systems, privacy and anti-surveillance, ethics in cryptography

Dr Chris Xiaoxuan Lu Safety and Reliability of Mobile Robotics, Side Channels in Internet of Things, Usable Biometrics for Wearables, Identity and Location Privacy, Mixed Reality.
Dr Tiejun Ma Risk and Decision Analytics
Dr Mahesh Marina Mobile authentication and privacy, and distributed intrusion detection.
Dr Paul Patras Performance optimisation in wireless networks, network protocols and architectures, prototyping and test beds. Current research interests include security and privacy of IoT systems.
Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy Autonomous robotics, Robot learning, Safe and Explainable Artificial Intelligence.
Dr Ian Stark Mobile security and its verification. Formal models of systems and architecture, including security-oriented capability hardware.
Dr Kami Vaniea Human factors of security and privacy, particularly focusing on supporting users in making good security decisions.
Dr Vesselin Velichkov Symmetric-key cryptography and cryptanalysis, block ciphers, tools for cryptanalysis.
Dr Petros Wallden Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory.

Research staff

Member Interests
Dr Aydin Abadi

Designing secure and practical cryptographic protocols, delegated Private Set Intersection, verifiable computation, blockchain technology, and applications of smart contracts in verifiable computation, as well as design and implementation of smart contracts.

Dr Brian Campbell

Formal modeling of programming languages and instruction sets; software verification and static analysis.

Dr Mahshid Delavar
Classical/quantum hardware security with a focus on Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) and design and analysis of protocols based on hardware assumption.
Dr Vashti Galpin Formal modelling and verification of network security.
Yiannis Tselekounis Tamper and leakage resilient cryptography.
Mr William Waites ISP network operations, surveillance and privacy.
Dr Thomas Zacharias


Affiliated staff

Member Interests
Dr Stefano Albrecht Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, reasoning about the behaviour of interacting agents, applications to cyber security.
Mr Paul Anderson Secure configuration and management of computing infrastructure.
Prof Stuart Anderson Dependable Systems. In particular socio-technical systems, resilience of such systems and how Social Science and Informatics provide a unique perspective on the conception, design, deployment and operation of computer-based systems.
Dr Chris Heunen Semantics of quantum theory and programming languages; category theory; quantum logic; functional analysis.
Dr Nadin Kokciyan Multi-agent systems, computational argumentation, and privacy in social software.
Dr Vijay Nagarajan

Hardware/software support for reliability, availability, and security.

Prof Gordon Plotkin Algebraic specification and formal software development; correctness of modular systems; resource and security certification for mobile code; security and static analysis.
Dr Michael Rovatsos Human-friendly AI approaches to privacy in data-driven collaborative Web systems. Value-sensitive algorithm design, fairness and transparency in collective intelligence applications.
Prof Don Sannella

Resource certification for mobile code; security and static analysis.

Dr Rik Sarkar Privacy preserving queries for location and trajectory data. Anonymity through clustering and aggregation.
Prof Philip Wadler Programming languages, functional languages, type systems, gradual types, session types, concurrency and distribution.
Dr Maria Wolters Privacy and security aspects of mHealth and eHealth, in particular usable security.

PhD students

Member Interests
Ibrahim Ahmed Artificial intelligence and cyber security
Sara S. Albakry User privacy control in the Internet of Things.
Kholoud Althobaiti Usability of anti-phising approaches, particularly URL readability.
Henry Clausen Statistical learning for anomaly detection.
Alexandru Cojocaru Quantum computing
Mina Doosti Quantum cryptography and quantum cryptanalysis, quantum computing
Andrew Faulds System Configuration language usability.
Robert Flood Data science and network security.

Weili Fu

Provenance for configuration language security.
Muhammad Ishaq Cryptography, MPC and its applications, blockchain.
Adam Jenkins Usable software updating for system administrators.
Dimitris Karakostas Decentralized systems, cryptographic applications and software architecture.
Dilara Kekulluoglu Privacy and large scale data analysis.
Thomas Kerber Privacy, and computational models in cryptography.

Nikolaos Lamprou

Yun Lu Cryptography, differential privacy, provable security, blockchain.
Konstantinos Mitropoulos Cryptography and hardware, blockchains, applied security.

Georgios Panagiotakos

Provable security of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency protocols.

Valentin Radu

Robust and energy-efficient context detection with smartphones.
Orfeas Stefanos Thyfronitis Litos Cryptography, blockchains, decentralised trust & reputation.

Aikaterini-Panagiota Stouka

Incentives in cryptocurrencies.
Mohammad Tahaei Usability of security APIs for software developers.
Hendrik Waldner Public-key cryptography, especially functional encryption.

Some PhD alumni

Member Interests
David Butler Formal verification of multi-party computation.
Sheung Chi (Arthur) Chan Formal models of provenance information.
Alexandru Gheorghiu Quantum cryptography.
Andriana Gkaniatsou Analysis of low-level implementations of cryptographic protocols.
Joseph Hallett Authorization logics.
Yuhui Lin Formal modelling and verification of network security.
Marcin Szymczak Application of programming language techniques in Bayesian reasoning.
Galini Tsoukaneri Narrow band cellular communications in the Internet of Things.