An overview of research within SLMC, including our current projects and recent publications

The SLMC group has a broad and highly inter-disciplinary research agenda spanning statistical machine learning, formal learning theory, learning in connectionist systems (artificial and biological); robotic, humanoid and biological motor control, adaptive/learning control; and multimodal cue integration and attentional strategies. Some exemplar active research interests are listed under Research-Topics.

We are also closely affiliated as founding members of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics and the Programme Directorate for Robotics and AI at The Alan Turing Institute.


An up-to-date publication list can be found here, along with some of the topics of recent interest

Projects and Grants

A list of our active projects and funding agencies including Joint Industry Projects (JIP). Scroll down for completed PhD Projects and Internship Projects.


Some of our work has resulted in software packages that may be useful to other researchers or practitioners. If you find it useful, please reference the relevant papers.


Description of lab equipment used for research within the group


Videos that explain and enhance our research


Public Lectures, Outreach Activities and Media Engagements