Previous Seminars

List of previous Governance Node Seminars including YouTube recordings

Xavier Renard, AXA

When explainable AI and responsible AI research need to meet reality


Glenn McGarry, University of Nottingham

Governance Challenges for AI: Lessons from Early Adopters


Vaishak Belle, University of Edinburgh

Tractable Probabilistic Models for Ethical and Causal AI


Colin O'Halloran, D-RisQ

Overview of verification objectives for safety critical aerospace software


Mykel Kochenderfer, Stanford University

Automated Decision Making for Safety-Critical Applications


Luke Moffat, Joe Deville, Catherine Easton, Lancaster University (Security Node)

TAS-S and National Highways: Creative Methods for Collaboration


Andre Burgess, National Physical Laboratory

An assurance framework for maritime autonomous systems


Zoe Porter and Ibrahim Habli, University of York

A Principled Ethical Assurance Argument for the Use of AI and Autonomous Systems


Anthony Corso and Sydney Katz, Stanford University

Verification and Validation of Safety Critical Autonomous Systems


Peter Davies, Thales

Simulators: where thy fit, where they do not and why


Marina Jirotka, University of Oxford

Responsible Robotics: What could possibly go wrong?


Jane Fenn, BAE Systems

Evolution in Standards and Regulation in the Aerospace Domain


Carina Prunkl, University of Oxford

Human Autonomy and the Governance of Autonomous Systems


John Downer, University of Bristol

Overview of the TAS Node in Functionality


Robin Bloomfield, Adelard

Assurance 2.0 and impact of AI/ML on regulation


Svetlin Penkov & Daniel Angelov, Efemarai

Extending the industrial MLOps pipeline with the needs for robustness and continual improvement


Helen Hastie, Heriot Watt University

Trustworthy Autonomous Systems - The Human Perspective


Jack Stilgoe, UCL

How can we know a self-driving car is safe?


Joel Fisher, University of Nottingham

What we talk about when we talk about Trustworthy Autonomous Systems


Ekaterina Komendantskaya, Heriot Watt University

Analyse, search, reason, interpret, verify: the "Maslow Pyramid of AI modelling


Lorenzo Strigini, City, University of London

How Save is this autonomous vehicle? Difficulties of probabilistic predictions and some ideas for improving trust in them