Governance Node Seminar - Xavier Renard, AXA

Responsible AI topics are now firmly established in the research community, with explainable AI or AI fairness as flagships.  On the other end of the spectrum, those topics are now seriously attracting attention in organisations and companies, especially through the lens of AI governance, a discipline that aims to analyse and address the challenges arising from a widespread use of AI in practice, as AI regulations are around the corner.

This leads companies to focus on the compliance aspects of AI projects.  In practice, data scientists and organisations are in a fog, missing adequate guidance and solutions from research to achieve responsible AI.

In this talk, we will discuss how large companies, like AXA, currently see the responsible AI topic and why the current research output only provides partially actionable methodologies and solutions, in particular on explainable AI.  We will discuss and illustrate with some concrete examples how the research community could better address the scientific challenges of this new practice.

Dec 07 2022 -

Governance Node Seminar - Xavier Renard, AXA

When explainable AI & responsible AI research need to meet reality

Informatics Forum, G.07A and Teams