Withdrawal from PGR

A summary of the withdrawal process for PGR students.

The withdrawal process

Any student who approaches the Informatics Graduate School (IGS) to notify their intention to withdraw will be encouraged to discuss this further with their supervisor(s). Following discussion with the supervisor(s), if the student and supervisor have agreed this is the preferred route to pursue, the student should complete the Withdrawal From Studies - Student form below.  This form must then be submitted to the Informatics Graduate School.

The IGS will confirm with the supervisor(s) that they are in agreement with the student's decision to withdraw. 

There can be times when the student would rather not discuss a proposed withdrawal with their supervisor; in these circumstances students should be encouraged to make an appointment with the School's Personal Tutor for Research Students (Paolo Guagliardo)

Upon receipt of a notification of withdrawal, the IGS will check the student's funding arrangements, informing external sponsors where necessary, and submit appropriate documentation (normally a Scholarship Notification of Change Form) to Human Resources. The IGS will notify the College Office who with formally notify Student Administration.  Student Administration will update and close the student EUCLID record permanently.  When the student EUCLID record has been updated, the student will no longer be a student at the University.  Withdrawing students must return any office or desk keys to the Graduate School Office (Room 6.05 Appleton Tower) immediately and return any equipment they have borrowed.

The withdrawal information will be downloaded to the School database highlighting any outstanding office, key, desk and other equipment issues.

Overseas students are encouraged to check their visa and immigration status with Edinburgh Global before formally committing to an early withdrawal. Departing students should be aware that the University will pursue any unpaid debts, even after the agreed withdrawal date.