Course guide

Information on UG5 course choices.

Course selection advice

As there are nearly 50 Informatics Level 11 courses to choose from and many more external courses, UG5 students may benefit from the course selection advice provided for postgraduate students on the MSc programmes. Specifically, for each of the MSc specialism areas, a set of courses are suggested as a guide; these suggested courses are further broken down into core, optional and optional external courses. For example, for the Natural Language Processing specialism page provides the set of suggested courses. While there is no explicit specialism for UG5/MInf students, the MSc specialisms can still serve as a good reference to different groups of courses and the most relevant specialism can be chosen based on their MInf project topic. Note that even when following the course related guidance based on MSc specialisms, it is essential that UG5 students still choose courses that meet the rules set out in the MInf DPT. For example, they cannot take Level 9 courses even though such courses may appear in MSc specialism related pages. As another example, external courses that UG5 students can take also need to be Level 11 courses. 

When courses are arbitrarily chosen in a way so that the broadly defined rules stated in MInf DPT are met but without regard to MSc specialisms, it will help to consult the Lecture Timetable for 2019/20 to avoid course combinations that clash with each other. 

Even after you follow the above advice, discussion on course selection with your personal tutor is recommended.

MInf project part 2 (MIP2)

The MInf Project Part 2 webpagedetails the penalties in marks for late submissions of MInf project dissertation. In case of a mitigating circumstance (e.g., serious illness) that causes you to miss the project submission deadline, contact your personal tutor as soon as possible. 

Taught courses

Familiarise yourselves with the School of Informatics policy on late submission of coursework that is applicable for all taught courses. If you think you have a "good reason" to request an extension, then either fill in the ITO contact form or contact your personal tutor, depending on the nature of your mitigating circumstance. Please do NOT approach your course lecturers for extensions as they are not allowed to grant them. 

Academic misconduct

Don't engage in it. To understand what constitutes misconduct, please go through the following references: