ANC Workshop - Diego Oyarzún


Speaker: Diego Oyarzún


Title: Computational methods for biotechnology and biomedicine


Abstract: In this talk I will give an overview of our research at the Biomolecular Control Group. Our team works on computational methods to study molecular networks in living cells. We use a mix of mathematics and computation to understand the inner workings of natural systems, as well as to design genetically-engineered systems for biotechnology. We employ a wide range of methods for mechanistic models (optimal control, nonlinear dynamics, stochastic analysis), as well as data-driven models with various flavours of applied machine learning. Large parts of our work are in collaboration with wetlabs in the UK and abroad.


Bio: Diego is Reader in Computatational Biology, with a joint appointment between the School of Informatics and the School of Biological Sciences. He obtained a BSc and MSc in Control Theory and Electrical Engineering from U Santa María, Chile, and a PhD from the Hamilton Institute, Ireland. He was a Research Fellow in Biomathematics at Imperial College London (2013-2018). He holds a number of roles, including Programme Director for the Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship at IGMM, co-lead of the Science for Sustainability Hub at Edinburgh, and advisor to the World Economic Forum. 











Feb 02 2021 -

ANC Workshop - Diego Oyarzún

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021