ANC Workshop - Michael Camilleri


Title: A tale of Many Mice: The highs and lows of mouse behavioural observation


Speaker: Michael Camilleri



When doing behavioural assays on mice, the typical procedure is to isolate an individual, introduce a stimulus and observe a response. This yields a controlled environment but is highly disruptive. Instead, in this project in collaboration with MRC Harwell, we have access to 3-4 day video observations of three mice in their home-cage, with the goal being to understand their complex social dynamics. In this talk, I will update you on my very much WIP analysis of the video data and how we are going about tracking these rodents with the aim of inferring their behaviour.


Bio: Michael is a (second-year) PhD Student in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh, working with Prof. Chris Williams on Time-Series Modelling of mouse behaviour, with a special focus on characterising the coupled and hierarchical nature of social interactions. This is done in collaboration with the MRC Harwell Institute in Oxfordshire. Michael is also collaborating with Prof. Andrew Zissermann and the VGG group at Oxford towards tracking and behaviour recognition from video.






Oct 20 2020 -

ANC Workshop - Michael Camilleri

Tuesday, 20th October 2020