ANC Workshop - Oksana Sorokina and David Sterratt


Speaker: Oksana Sorokina


Title: A unified resource and configurable model of the synapse proteome and its role in disease 


Abstract: Genes encoding synaptic proteins are highly associated with neuronal disorders many of which show clinical co-morbidity. We integrated 57 published synaptic proteomic datasets that describe over 7000 proteins and combined them with direct protein-protein interactions and functional metadata to build a network resource that reveals the shared and unique protein components that underpin multiple disorders. All the data are provided in a flexible and accessible SQLite format to encourage custom network models based on meta-data including species, disease association, synaptic compartment, brain region, and method of extraction. 

This network model enables us to perform in-depth analyses that dissect molecular pathways of multiple diseases revealing shared and unique protein components. We can clearly identify common and unique molecular profiles for co-morbid neurological disorders such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder and even disease comorbidities which span biological systems such as the intersection of Alzheimer’s Disease with Hypertension. 



Speaker: David Sterratt


Title: Design decisions and dilemmas in a new data science course Abstract: Inf2 - Foundations of Data Science is a new course for 2nd year students in the School of Informatics. Its intended learning outcomes reference data wrangling and visualisation, basic descriptive and inferential statistics, critical evaluation of data-driven methods including potential ethical issues, and completing a data science project. In this talk I will reflect on some of the decisions that Kobi Gal and I have made as we have designed and delivered the course. Questions covered may include: - How to introduce students to ethics in data science? - Rules for visualisation? - Application versus derivation? - Frequentist versus Bayesian? - Micro-assessment versus larger assessments - Doing all the above online.











Feb 09 2021 -

ANC Workshop - Oksana Sorokina and David Sterratt

Tuesday, 9th February 2021