ANC Workshop - Yihzou Fan and Colin McLean


Speaker: Yizhou Fan


Title: Improving the measurement of self-regulated learning using multi-channel learning data



In recent years, unobtrusive measures of self-regulated learning (SRL) processes based on log data recorded by digital learning environments have attracted increasing attention. However, researchers have also recognised that simple navigational log data or time spent on pages are often not fine-grained enough to study complex SRL processes. Recent advances in data-capturing technologies enabled researchers to go beyond simple navigational logs to measure SRL processes with multi-channel data. What multi-channel data can reveal about SRL processes, and to what extent can the addition of peripheral data, eye-tracking data and think aloud data improve the measurement of SRL are key questions that require further investigation. In comparison to the use of navigation logs only, the completeness of temporal sequencing relationships between SRL processes with multi-channel data improved. In addition, we concluded that eye-tracking data is valuable for measuring and extracting SRL processes, and it should receive more attention in the future.


Speaker: Colin McLean


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Mar 30 2021 -

ANC Workshop - Yihzou Fan and Colin McLean

Tuesday, 30th March 2021