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Past events

Biomedical AI CDT seminar, 9 June 2021

Speaker: Alexandra Boussommier-Calleja, CEO & co-founder of ImVitro

This talk will first describe the path of Dr Alexandra Boussommier from being a researcher to an entrepreneur. We will then discuss ImVitro, the company she founded in 2019 that aims at using AI to tackle infertility. The overall research conducted by her team will be described along with the application of AI in embryology, the clinical needs it is addressing and the challenges faced in bringing AI into clinics.

ImVitro is an early stage Deep Tech start-up based in Paris, with pre-seed investment from Entrepreneur First. Its aim is to facilitate in vitro fertilization (IVF) using artificial intelligence to help the increasing number of people with fertility issues.

Video: Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Infertility
Biomedical AI CDT seminar. Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Infertility. Alexandra Boussommier-Calleja, CEO & co-founder of ImVitro.