Upcoming events

Information about upcoming CDT events.

CDT Seminar Series 2023/24

CDT seminars take place in the Informatics Forum, room G.03, unless specified otherwise.


22 September, 2 pm

Matteo Degiacom (University of Durham)


6 October, 2 pm

No seminar Friday 6 October


20 October, 2pm

Amir Vaxman (University of Edinburgh)


3 November, 2pm

William McCorkindale (University of Cambridge)


17 November, 2pm

Johannes Zimmermann (Astrazeneca)


1 December, 2 pm

Kenneth Baillie (University of Edinburgh)


12 January, 2pm

Robin Williams and Kathrin Cresswell (University of Edinburgh)


26 January, 2pm

Ivana Malenica (Harvard University)*online


9 February, 2pm

Ke Yuan (University of Glasgow)


23 February, 2pm

Alexandrina Pancheva (Beatson Institute Glasgow)


8 March, 2pm

to be confirmed


22 March, 2 pm

to be confirmed


5 April, 2 pm

to be confirmed


26 April, 2pm

Carsten Marr (Helmholtz Institute)


3 May, 2 pm

Maria Musgaard (Omass Technologies)


17 May, 2 pm

to be confirmed


31 May, 2 pm

to be confirmed


14 June, 2 pm

to be confirmed



Other CDT events

Biomedical AI Research Poster Showcase

17 November, 12:30-16:00 (to be confirmed)

This event will bring together CDT doctoral researchers, academics, clinicians and industry partners. It will be a great chance to connect, exchange ideas and foster interdisciplinary links.

The showcase will feature posters by PhD students across all CDT cohorts, celebrating the breadth and depth of research conducted in the Biomedical AI CDT.


Biomedical AI Industry Day

24 April, 10:00 - 14:15 (to be confirmed)

A number of speakers from amongst our industry partners, students from the CDT programme and academic researchers will be updating us on key issues and research progress.

10:15 - 11:15 Industry Presentations

11:15 - 12:15 Biomedical AI CDT Student Presentations

13:15 - 14:15 Emerging themes in Biomedical AI and implications for industry