Our industry partners provide strong support, training resources and guidance to the CDT.

Addressing Challenges in Biomedical AI

The key aim of the CDT is to foster collaboration between academic researchers and industrial partners in biomedicine by developing novel methodologies to address critical industrial challenges. These collaborations will bring significant benefit to society by aligning our strength in clinical medicine and artificial intelligence research with the diverse expertise base and interests of our partners.

To realise this vision we are training cohorts of Doctoral scientists in advanced analytical skills that will be instrumental in supporting industry in developing their capabilities in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence.

Opportunities to Engage with the CDT

  • Fully or partially funding 4-year CDT studentships for a project defined by the industry partner in collaboration with suitable academic and clinical experts
  • Proposing MSc projects
  • Hosting CDT students on internships
  • Delivering guest lectures and seminars
  • Taking part in CDT industry days to exchange ideas, engage with CDT students, staff and other partners, and find new collaborators

Benefits of Being Partner of the CDT

  • Engaging with our CDT students in discussions, smaller MSc projects or PhD research
  • Getting expert guidance and input from leading academics and clinicians
  • Help in developing projects around your specific areas of interest
  • Building relationships with a large multidisciplinary team of highly specialist faculty staff in AI, Biomedicine, Medicine and Social Science
  • Access to facilities and expertise associated with the CDT in Biomedical AI and University of Edinburgh
  • Access to and potential synergies with our existing network of SMEs and large corporations with similar business interests and common challenges
  • Access to support and expertise in commercialising foundational research, value chain analysis for competitive advantage, licensing, or spin-out creation

Contact us

The CDT has a dedicated business development manager who provides end-to-end support for all industry engagement activities. We seek to develop tailor-made collaborations based on your needs and connect you with suitable students, academics and clinicians.

To discuss possible collaboration with the CDT in Biomedical AI, please direct enquiries to our Business Development Manager or CDT Director.

Ken Scott, CDT Business Development Manager


Phone: +44 (0)131 650 3094

Dr Diego Oyarzún, CDT Director