Data Science Clinic

Tell us about your data and research problems and we will support you to find solutions.

If you plan on analyzing data using state-of-the-art AI, statistical machine learning, and data science tools, but you are unsure of how the recent advances in these fields can help with your research, then we encourage you to attend a Data Science Clinic session with one of our staff.

The Clinic is a free consulting service we provide to students, academics and research staff. During the initial session, we will discuss your research problem and ideas and assess what your data science needs are. Based on your needs and our availability (we are a small team) we can then offer you further support:

  • If you are unclear if and how data science can help you, we will aim to frame your research problem and outline promising directions. We expect to be able to accommodate most requests of this type within one or two sessions.
  • If you need help with a quick-turn around analysis or a proof-of-concept model we can support you with up to a week of full-time involvement without cost. Note that we cannot guarantee an immediate availability, and this can be done part-time.
  • If you are looking for long-term data science support, such as full cycle data analysis, then our time can be bought out. Note that this is not a free service, and it depends on our existing project commitments.
  • If you need light-touch help for preparing a grant or fellowship application involving data and data-driven methods we will support you with technical writing, referencing, resource planning etc. We can accommodate most requests of this type given sufficient notice.
  • If you are developing data science-heavy grant proposal, we are able to join your funding bid as costed researcher or as co-investigator. Note however that we cannot guarantee availability at all times.


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