About us

We are a team of machine learning experts and we help academics and researchers leverage data and AI in their research.


Our goal is to promote data science awareness and best practices at the University, and support academics and researchers in applying cutting edge data science tools in their research. Our hope is to foster the use of data science for societally beneficial causes: Science, Health, People and Environment (SHaPE).  

Who we are

We are a team of data science practitioners based at the School of Informatics. The Unit was founded in April 2018 by the Senior Data Scientist Sohan Seth. It hosts two Data Scientists: Dagmara (Daga) Panas and Karthik Mohan. It also hosts researchers at various stages of their career, practicing data science in SHaPE focus areas. 

What we do

We support academics and researchers use cutting-edge data science in their research through consultancy, analysis, scoping, teaching and engagement.

  • Advising how data science tools can be incorporated in your research
  • Supporting data analysis hands-on or through student supervision
  • Preparing grant and fellowship applications and joining funding bids
  • Giving targeted lectures and seminars on data science and its applications
  • Organising engagement activities to spread data and data science awareness

How to reach

We are excited to learn more about your data and research problems, and we are keen to help you find solutions and innovate in your domain of expertise. You are welcome to schedule a free session with us at the Data Science Clinic where we will triage your data science needs. You are also welcome to attend one of our engagement events to learn more about what data science has to offer.

Data Science Clinic

Data to Discovery Seminar Series



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Meet the staff working in Data Science Unit.