Data Science Course

We provide different training opportunities based on your data science need and availability

We run short on-demand ad-hoc lectures on machine learning and data science targeted toward specific School, Institute or research group. The format is 1 hour of introduction to data science or a specific topic of interest followed by 1 hour for Q&A. If you would like us to organise one, please get in touch.

We also run a day-long data science course (Day of Data Science) with multiple talks, hands-on sessions, and Q&A designed to give you a broad overview of state-of-the-art data science tools and how they can be incorporated in your research. 


We are developing an introductory course on data science available without cost to the University staff. The planned format is five 2 hour sessions with lectures and hands-on exercises. Please get in touch to learn more. Find a tentative course structure below.