Data to Discovery Seminar Series

Data to Discovery is a monthly seminar series organised by the Data Science Unit where you tell us about your data.

We often see data as just characters on our computer screen. However, each character has a story to tell: an ingenious machine that breaks the genome down in pieces and reads its sequence; an amazing person who fights incurable disease and volunteers for case studies; and a visionary who spends a lifetime looking at these data to find hidden patterns and meaning.

In this seminar series, we will learn about data from different fields of science: how they are collected - the technology and the human efforts behind it - and how they contribute to a better understanding of the world around us.

We will hear from experts in their respective fields of study, and learn about,

  • what field of science do they work on (e.g., gene therapy or earthquake modelling)

  • what is the nature of data associated with it (e.g., tabular, text, images, time series, networks, structured/non-structured, big/small, readily available/very rare etc.),

  • where does the data come from (e.g., the data might come from a global effort in understanding a socio-economic issue, or it might come from a patient in critical care),

  • how is the data collected (e.g., data collection often uses cutting edge techniques such as sequencing the human genome, or observing a material in extreme conditions)

  • how is the data processed and analysed (e.g., it might involve simple statistical tools with careful prior choices or state-of-the-art machine learning on big data)

  • what has been done with this kind of data (e.g., the questions that have been answered so far, such as the functionality of a gene, or the responsiveness of a drug)

  • what are the open/ground-breaking questions that need answering (e.g., what is the respective field of study trying to achieve as a community)

  • whether the data is publicly available (e.g., if the data and/or similar data are easily available, if so then where and how one can access it, and if not then what is the alternative)

The seminar series is supported by CDT in Data Science. 

List of upcoming seminars


We are working out the agenda for the coming months, watch this space!

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