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DeepMind is a scientific discovery company committed to ‘solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity.’ Solving intelligence requires a diverse and interdisciplinary team working closely together to pioneer the development of advanced artificial intelligence. The company’s breakthroughs include AlphaGo, AlphaFold, over one thousand published research papers, partnerships with scientific organisations, and hundreds of contributions to Google’s products.



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3Brain is the world’s first company to connect cells with sophisticated silicon chips in cell culture plates Stemming from our passion for technology and scientific progress, our co-founders have worked for more than 15 years on CMOS-powered cell-electronic interfaces with the aim of boosting research in major fields like neuroscience, ophthalmology and cardiology.  



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AI is empowering change, driving innovation, and creating exciting new possibilities. Arm is forging a path to the future with solutions designed to support the rapid development of AI. Arm combines the hardware, software, tools, and strategic partners you need to accelerate development. Arm provide everything you need to deliver a new generation of ideas and products.



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Brainnwave bring together the immediacy of traditional BI with new generation analytics to deliver a visual platform aimed at C-level executives, strategists and business teams.Brainnwave calls this approach Augmented BI (ABI).



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"What we're interested in is whether our kind of technology can make a big difference and whether it can really do the job much better than the existing products."

Sir James Dyson Engineer and founder



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emteq labs

Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionise research into human behaviour. In the past, studies were either performed in settings that did not match reality or involved use of multiple disparate sensors and wet electrodes, a time-consuming process to set up and uncomfortable for the subject.  emteq labs is the market-leader in wearable technology to monitor and translate human intent and expression into credible and actionable feedback about behaviour, tailored to your project.



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NAVER LABS is the R&D subsidiary of NAVER, Korea’s leading internet company and the part of NAVER responsible for creating future technology. Its world-class researchers in Korea and Europe create new connections between people, machines, spaces and information by advancing technology in AI, robotics, autonomous driving, 3D/HD mapping and AR.