The ICSA Colloquium Series

Upcoming talks

Date Event Speaker
Thursday, 11th May 2023 @ 11am Colloquium Talk 

Bozidar Radunovic (Microsoft)

Tuesday, 30th May 2023 @ 4pm Colloquium Talk Dr. Zhenyu Yan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Thursday, 1st June 2023 @ 11am Colloquium Talk Vilas Sridharan (AMD Senior Fellow)
Wednesday, 14th June 2023 @ 1pm Colloquium Talk Sumit Kumar Mandal (Indian Institute of Science)
Tuesday, 20th June 2023 @ 4pm (registration required) 60 years of CS and AI Gordon Brebner (Senior Fellow, AMD)
Monday, 26th June 2023 @ 10:30am Colloquium Talk Rodrigo Bruno (University of Lisbon)
Wednesday 28th June @ 3pm Colloquium Talk Thomas Koehler (INRIA, Strathbourgh)
Thursday, 6th July 2023 (time to be confirmed) 60 years of CS and AI Bruce Davie
Thursday, 28th September 2023 @ 11am Colloquium Talk Arkaprava Basu (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)


We have a regular programme of ICSA Colloquiam, you can find links to the calendars below.

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ICSA Colloquium Talk-26/06/2023

Rodrigo Bruno (University of Lisbon)