The research areas within ILCC.

Research in ILCC spans a broad spectrum covering computational approaches to language, communication, and cognition. 

Natural language processing and computational linguistics

NLP and associated word graphic
Including topics such as biomedical NLP, markup technology, semantics, discourse, machine learning for NLP, natural language generation, parsing and machine translation.

Spoken language processing

Image of soundwaves
Including topics such as speech recognition, inclusive speech technology, language acquisition from speech, prosody and information structure and speech synthesis.

Dialogue and multimodal interaction

Network of people graphic
Including topics such as conversational agents, graphical communication, multi-agent meaning negotiation, multimodal information retrieval, multi-party interaction and planning.

Information extraction, retrieval & presentation

Graphic of a sea made of binary numbers
Including topics such as summarization, social media, information extraction, information retrieval and question answering.

Computational theories of human cognition

Illustration of a head with cogs inside it
Including topics such as adult language processing, child language acquisition, dialogue and discourse, gesture, semantics, music analysis, visual processing and human learning.

Educational and assistive technology

Hand on tablet image
Including topics such as clinical applications, technology for special user groups and educational technology.

Design Informatics and Human Computer Interaction

Human hand touching robot hand
Including topics such as designing from/with/by data, visualisation, usable security and privacy, human factors, and intercultural design.

Research groups

A list of ILCC related research groups.