Educational and Assistive Technology

A list of potential topics for PhD students in the area of Educational and Assistive Technology.

Using AI and Machine Learning to study Fairness in Education 

Supervisor:  Kobi Gal

Education is increasingly mediated by technology, and is used by a wide array of learners from different age groups, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. This provides new opportunities for Artificial Intelligence  to support students in their learning process,  and teachers and researchers in their understanding of how students learn.  This project will study the role of ethics and fairness in the design of AI systems in educational domains, from online forums to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The project will combine AI and machine learning to study the following research problems: Modelling and reasoning about fairness and bias in educational technology; how analytics methods can produce, or reduce,  social inequities in  education;  the design of fair and interpretable algorithms for sequencing educational content to students.